Who We Are and What We Do

In 1999, Sharon Smith, a designer and entrepreneur, acquired the company in Seattle, Washington.

Our headquarters and showroom are now located in Utah. 

What makes us special?

Making Believe

  1. We design, manufacture and import products from around the world. Most of our products are custom designed and found exclusively at Making Believe. We have searched the world over to bring the best to you.
  2. Our emphasis is on value and creative design. When you purchase from us, you can count on unique designs at the right price. We strive to offer the best fabrics and trims, while staying within budget.
  3. Private label manufacturing is our specialty. Many of our customers turn to Making Believe for design, manufacturing and importing under a private label. We can help you develop your brand and product line. Ask us for details.

But the most important thing is - we care about kids. We support local charities and non-profit organizations that benefit children. Our support is ongoing. See our "newsroom" for more details.


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