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Elsie, birthday girl - Age 6

"This was my best party ever! I got to dress up like a real princess. I wish every day was my birthday!"

Posted On: 4/6/2006 2:25:25 PM

Fairy Princess testimonial, Alyssa - age 7

Read what Alyssa, age 7, had to say about her Fairy Princess theme birthday party. Her mother scheduled a one hour party host and bought costumes for all of the party guests. They loved it!

Posted On: 4/9/2006 6:41:45 PM

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Spring Break testimonial, Ally - age 9

Our spring break party was so much fun. We loved the costumes and the super fun games! Will you come back when school gets out?

Posted On: 4/11/2006 5:02:14 PM

Pop Star Diva testimonial, Amber - age 11

Read what Amber had to say about her Pop Star Diva party. All the girls dressed up and sang their hearts out!

Posted On: 4/11/2006 5:11:20 PM

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